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Whether you are a Real Estate Agent, an Insurance Agent or even a Financial Consultant, the o9me Virtual Namecard can cater for all yours needs to introduce yourself to the world by having an All-in-One place for your personal Profile. Create sales funnels, links to ecommerce sites and even showcase your products within our platform.

Real Estate Agents

Create your listing directly within your Namecard. Link it everywhere!

Insurance Agents

Place all your social contacts so your clients can contact you!

MLM Agents

Introduce yourself to downlines by showcasing your best products

Ecommerce Shop

Products and services within a Namecard? All is possible with o9me Virtual Namecard.

All-In-One Links

Having trouble with Tik Tok and Instagram limiting one link? We can solve this for you!

well, thats not all...

Let’s see what else you can create

Tired of Customers
Wrongly saving your phone numbers?

With a click of a few buttons, your clients and customers can now go to your Virtual Namecard and automatically save your phone number without calling the wrong numbers anymore!

Call or save phone numbers directly

Tired of customers saving your phone number incorrectly? Just give them your link to your Namecard and they would just need to click on the phone button to call you.

One link for all that Instagram profile

The issue of Tik Tok and Instagram only allowing you to put in one link has long been a challenge for many until now. Link all your social profiles in your namecard to increase your Audience.

Embed Ecommerce Purchase Links

The o9me Namecard is not just any Namecard. If you are selling products or providing services, you can link to your checkout page directly from your Namecard to increase sales.

Subscribe to your newsletter

Be creative, provide great content within your Namecard to engage your Audience. After consuming the content, allow your client to subscribe to your Newsletter right within your Namecard.

QR Code to products and services

A revolutionary technology where the o9me Virtual Namecard allows the creating of a QR code that directly links to your Namecard. Add this to your Restaurant table, products and services.

Choose Colours that match your branding

Change Background, Change Colours, Change Fonts, Change Layouts. Ce creative. The power is in your hands!

customize your namecard

Change Title, Fonts and Fonts Colour

You can customize the main title which bears your name, your shop name or whatever you feel like. Be creative. Don’t like the fonts? No worries! We have am arsenal of fonts to choose from. Be spoiled for choices! 

Fully Customizable Title
Change your description
Awesome ya!

Pick a great description for yourself or your business. Your brand is important!

Pictures, pictures!

A picture is worth a thousand words. Keep your Namecard at a 70% image and 30% text ratio

Embed any Image taken anywhere from the internet

One of the latest update to the o9me Virtual Namecard is the ability to embed any image into your Namecard. By doing so, you can now add images for your products, services or even content within your Namecard.

Ecommerce Products
Add campaign photos

Customize the background

Want the feel of full power? The background of your Virtual Namecard can be totally customizable. We offer 3 options of Solid Colour, Colour Gradient or even choose a custom image background!

Gradient Background
Image Background
Create Contrast

Experiment with variations of buttons and text matching a customized background

Links are important

No custom domain? We provide links from and

Don't have your own custom domain? No worries!

Do you have your own domain name? Connect and point it to us! Maintain your brand name and create Namecards for your staff. Be it that you own a Financial Agency or Real Estate Firm, now all your agents will have the chance to have their own Virtual Namecard under your domain name. Do not have your own custom domain? No sweat! We provide you with custom backlinks as well!

Your Own Custom Domain
Or use our provided domain

Your Namecard Link too long? We provide QR codes. Enjoy!

Add your Virtual Namecard to product packaging, send the code to your friends via Whatsapp. Well! You can even print out your QR code and stick it to your retail store front. Think about the possibilities. Additionally, we provide full statistics of who, when and how your potential clients interact with your Virtual Namecard.

Add Namecard QR Code to products
Full statistics on Interactions
Print Out QR code

Bye bye links. Hi QR Codes! Print out your Code, add to Products, Stick it on your Store Front!

Animated Buttons

We offer an arsenal of choices for animated buttons such as bounce, swing or even wobble

Well aint that button just cool. Thats Fantastic!

Links are cool, but not as cool as o9me buttons! Customize your buttons to give your Virtual Namecard a futuristic feel by changing colours, making outlines and animating it! Create unlimited amount of buttons and links that connect to your ecommerce shop, your website or even a sales page.

bounce, shake, swing
pulse, wobble, flash

Flexible plans that grow with you

We strive to provide you our Free Plan, Forever Free!


No credit card required
  • 1 Project

  • 2 Cards

  • o9me Branding

  • All customizations

+ Show all options
For Individuals
  • 1 Project

  • 5 Cards

  • 1 Custom Domain

  • SEO Ready

  • All customizations

+ Show all options
For SMEs
  • 3 Projects

  • 50 Cards

  • 3 Custom Domains

  • Advanced Statistics

  • Link Tracking

  • Button Scheduling

  • All customizations

+ Show all options
For Large Corporations
  • 10 Projects

  • Unlimited Cards

  • 10 Custom Domains

  • Advanced Statistics

  • Link Tracking

  • Button Scheduling

  • All customizations

+ Show all options

Flexible plans that grow with you

We strive to provide you our Free Plan, Forever Free!

Lifetime Deal Ends in :

  • Free
  • Solo
  • Popular
  • Enterprise
Total Projects
How many brands that you can create
Total Namecards
Total Virtual Namecards that you can create
Total Links
Total shortened links that you can create
Total Custom Domains
Total custom domains that you can point to us
Our Branded Domains
Ability to use our provided domains for your Virtual Namecard
Custom Backhalf
Ability to use your own custom name after our provided domain (eg.
Social Buttons
Ability to add Social Buttons to your Virtual Namecard (eg. Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube, Phone Number, email, Pinterest etc)
Embed Videos & Audios
Remove Advertisements
Custom Background
Coloured Buttons
Customize Fonts
Deep Links
Ability to use deep links to point to specific apps instead of just http or https (eg. connecting directly to your mobile phone dialpad)
Footer Branding
The free plan will include our footer branding. For paid plans, you have the ability to add your own Brand to the footer.
SEO Ready
Ability to change Title and Meta Description
Password Protect Links
Advanced Statistics
View statistics for visitors to your Namecard (Device, Country, Referrers, Browsers, OS etc)
Link Tracking
Ability to add your own link tracking scripts (eg. Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, UTM)
Buttons Sceduling
Schedule your Buttons for when to show or not (good for retail outlet opening hours)
Leap Links
Setting a Leap Link will mean all your traffic will temporarily bypass your Virtual Namecard and point to one place. Think of it as hop-scotching over your Virtual Namecard for a specific length of time!
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