You have a domain ready?

Step 1 : Pointing your nameservers

Login Namecheap

Or the Domain Registrar that you are using

Step 1

Choose Domain

Click on Domains List, find the doamin that you bought or intent to link, and choose "Manage"

Step 2

Find Nameserver

Scroll to Nameservers and choose "Custom Nameservers"

Step 3

Change Nameserver

Key in the values below and click on the tick sign

Step 4

Step 2 : Fill out This form to connect your domain

Please fill up the form below

(WARNING : This is only for Solo, Company and Enterprise plan only).

Free accounts filling the form below will result in account suspension.

Step 3 : Connect Domain within o9me application

Login o9me

Go to the "Domains" section and click "Create"

Step 1

Enter Domain Details

Choose "https" and type in the domain that you wish to connect (eg.

Step 2

Index URL

In this section repeat again choosing "https" and key in your domain name again.

Step 3


Click on "Create" and wait for 24 hours for your domain to propagate through the internet.

Step 4
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